28 Draper Lane, what is to come in the next few weeks!

28 Draper Lane, what is to come in the next few weeks!

Move In Dates

Future Moves

What To Expect To See


In our most recent post on social media we felt the need to be extremely transparent on what is happening at 28 Draper Lane.  

Our original move in date was June 1st, then September 1st and now we are rolling into the middle of October.  These delays have been a huge impact on our projected sales, the growth of our business and moral.  We are keeping the reasons of the set backs (beyond our control) private for professional reasons but we can happily inform you that we are working diligently to keep the ball rolling.  The Drapers (our landlords) have also been extremely helpful and doing their best to see that our new home is perfect!  Perfect takes time right?

As of right now due to codes, inspections, banking, etc. the project has been slow moving.  If we are to move in late fall or early winter, we will be aiming to just open up as a coffee bar.  This will reduce the risk of taking on too much over head during the slower months.  We all know how quiet things can get after Thanks Giving when we have all spent our money on travel and holiday gifts.  For that reason you guys may see that we will be working on our license to serve from the state and city before committing to purchasing the expensive brewing equipment.  We are saddened by much of this but at the same time, we know we have an amazing community behind us and will stand by our side no matter what every step of the way!

Here are some of the most common questions we have been receiving from our amazing social media followers and local communities:

You:  When will you guys be opening the doors to the public?

Us:  ASAP but it looks like we are shooting for early winter just to be safe!

You:  Will you guys be serving beer as soon as you open?

Us:  Although we may get everything in order to begin brewing and serving, most likely not.  The most obvious reasons is because we will be opening in the dead of winter.  It's in this point in time that we believe it's just a bit too risky to be FULLY operating.

You:  What will be available to us at the bar?

Us:  When we open, if our predictions are right, we will have locally roasted coffee available.  Espresso, hot coffee, nitro cold brew and tea and cold brew.  We will also have FREE WI-FI.  We want you to feel comfortable and to hang out with us! 

You:  What will the theme be like in the new spot?  

Us:  We want to sort of keep that a secret for now.  The space was a textile mill and we want to keep a lot of it's history intact.  We will be adding wood to warm up the space!  The wood is hand picked oak that we got from back home on Martha's Vineyard.  We will have a lounge area that will have mood lighting hanging from the ceilings and some local art on the walls.  We would love to say more but that is as much as we want to share for now <3

You:  What type of beer will you guys be brewing!?

Us:  That is the most common questions other than, "how's the space coming along". HAHAHA!  We would like to say that we haven't yet come up with a style that is truly ours.  Expect to see some juice bombs double, triple IPA's, American IPA's, Session IPA's and a whole list of other funky stuff!!

Now that we got that out of the way, we are proud of how far we have come along.  Legit we were selling cold brew coffee out of Mason jars from the back of the jeep at events just a few years back.  Now we have coffee on tap all over New England.  This has been such an amazing journey and soon when our doors open you will be part of that adventure as well!!!