Babes Build Empires Part 1.

Babes Build Empires Part 1.

We are so excited to announce our very first two boss babes in this weeks newsletter!  For those of you who have missed out on what's happening, we are launching a sweatshirt line, that is strictly for the ladies!  "Babes Build Empires" is based on the idea that women in this day in age are leaving their mark and impacting the very world we live in more than ever before!  We hope that these short and fun interviews you're about to read will inspire and motivate you (both men and women)!!  We personally thank Lauren and Kali for sharing their incredible stories!


Kali Macera 
Nauti Life


Church St.:  So, Kali, what’s your story:

The saying, “It was all a dream” fully applies to The Nauti Life.  The Nauti Life was founded in 2014 after a dream that I had.  I woke up one night at 2AM after having a dream about The Nauti Life with a whole business plan and wrote notes down in my phone.  The next morning, I went through it all and presented it to my parents.  They said, “go for it, take a risk!”  The Nauti Life developed into a casual men’s and women’s nautical apparel line, created upon a mission to share my love for the beach.  We are based in Central, MA and have quickly grown to the Cape and Islands and all throughout the East Coast.  Among having a classic style and passion for all things nautical, each one of our designs are meant to compliment the true meaning of The Nauti Life.

Church St.: What motivated you to become a business owner?

My parents.  Both my mother and father are small business owners and have been my whole life.  Since I was a child, I watched what being an entrepreneur did for my parents and the positive impact it had on our family and their clients. My father has always said “work hard for what you want, nothing is handed to you.”  That is the driving factor of my desire to become a business owner.

Church St.:  If we’re sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it’s been for you, what would you say your biggest achievement is?

There is a lot on the horizon for The Nauti Life. One huge achievement for 2019 would be to have our apparel in at least one storefront this summer.  After relaunching with a new website and apparel line back in May, I have received amazing feedback from our customers.  As Nauti continues to grow, I would love to transition from solely E-Commerce to have a few boutique shops carry our line!  

Church St.:  As a business owner what are somethings you don’t like to do? 

This is a great question!  Everyone of course has the things they dislike.  As a business owner you need to know the ins and outs of your business and not be afraid to roll up your sleeves to get the job done.  However, web design is not my expertise.  I outsourced a web designer when I first founded Nauti, because frankly I had no idea where to begin.  Overtime, I ultimately ended up rebuilding a new website by myself.  With the help of a few different platforms, I was able to recreate our website.  It is very simple and user friendly, but certainly not my specialty! 

Church St.:  How do you balance your personal and professional life? What have you sacrificed (both personally and professionally) at each stage of your career?

Balance is the key word.  Between a full time corporate job (which I love), building The Nauti Life as well as trying to have a social life, I cannot say that I have fully found that balance just yet. I still make sure I spend time with family, friends and continue to exercise which are all so important to me.  Yes, there are some things here and there that I do sacrifice, but overall, I love what I do and the grind is what it is all about.  

Church St.:  Who is your role model, and why?

My mother is my role model, without a doubt.  She is a strong, fearless, female entrepreneur.  No matter the situation that is thrown at her she always has a positive outlook.  

Church St.:  What’s your superpower, or what’s your spirit animal?

 I often say that I would be a mermaid in another life, but since mermaids are not animals I would have to say that my spirit animal is a rhino. The rhinoceros is known to be one of the largest mammals in the world, but spiritually have much deeper meaning.  They are grounded, take charge and wise.  Having two parents that are business owners, they have instilled in us that we need to be grounded and always remember your roots. Rhinos are also known as solid animals. Having a solid foundation in life is so important, especially when growing a business from the ground up. 

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Lauren Morgan
Owner, CEO
Lauren Morgan Co.

Church St.:  So Lauren, what’s your story, what motivated you to become a business owner?

For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with making clothing. After getting my undergrad in Fashion Design, my husband and I moved from the midwest to Martha's Vineyard. I met someone who bought my senior capstone fashion collection, and I began making custom garments for her and others. As I designed and sewed clothing for them, I maintained a full time job in interior design and scanned the world for a niche that would allow me to design clothing full time, bring my work to more people, and leave a positive impact on the people and places that make my clothes. I realized I had been searching in vain for a great rain jacket since I moved to the east coast, and couldn't believe there were no New England-based rain jacket brands. Most are designed in the UK and pretty staid and boring; I was inspired to make a rain jacket reflecting our brand of preppy, coastal and fun. After a successful stint at a local flea market, I took a leap of faith and quit my day job, and Lauren Morgan Co was born! 

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and interning with big names in the fashion business gave me invaluable experience and confirmed my path is to start something new. My results from a career aptitude test taken in middle school (remember those?) suggested social worker or minister. At the time, I thought it was random because I was already dreaming of a career in fashion. But now I can see that my business, with its social impact mission, has created a way for me to use all my gifts and bring empathy to the fashion industry. 

Church St.:  If we’re sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it’s been for you, what would you say is your biggest achievement?

We will be celebrating 2 more successful production runs of our jackets! Each production run supports 16 American suppliers and thousands of makers, so it will bring me great joy and accomplishment to increase production next year and support their work even more. Coordinating this many moving parts is an exciting challenge with constant problem solving, so it will be a fun year! And the jackets will be in the hands of many happy customers, keeping them warm and dry- another reason to celebrate!

Church St.:  As a business owner what are some things you don’t like to do? 

I don't love bookkeeping, financial planning and projections, but I am making a daily habit of it and it makes it a little less painful! It is empowering and important to do it myself at this stage. 

Church St.:  How do you balance your personal and professional life? What have you sacrificed (both personally and professionally) at each stage of your career?

It is a struggle to balance both right now because the business is in a very demanding stage. My husband/co-founder and I have ground rules about shutting off devices, saving business discussions for morning meetings, and keeping work physically constrained to an area of the house (since I work from home). When the door to my studio is shut, I am finished working for the night. We are a great team and take trips to unplug and celebrate big and small wins. To focus on building the business, one personal sacrifice I made is waiting to start a family, which is important to me, but now is the time for working and cultivating my big dreams. Moving to the east coast 10 years ago was also a sacrifice that advanced our careers, but makes us homesick for our families. It is important to make those decisions count and be fully present in the choices we make every day.

Church St.:  Who is your role model, and why?

It's hard to pick just one! Recently I have gleaned so much inspiration and practical business advice from Marie Forleo and her amazing podcasts and shows. She is business saavy, wise and true to herself- I love that she leads in the business world with her unique voice and it encourages me to do the same. Her suggestions always remind me to listen to my intuition, honor my inner voice, and channel my version of badass. 

Church St.:  What’s your superpower, or what’s your spirit animal?

A blue jay always appears when I am preparing to speak my truth, and so it has become my spirit animal. Whether I am practicing a speech, setting an intention for an important meeting, or weighing a decision, I see a blue jay fly by and I am reassured that I am going in the right direction. While it's not the most "ferocious" spirit animal, they are fiercely protective and symbolize clarity, purity, and truth- all values I embrace in my work and life. 

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West Coast Dreamin'

We finally have some good news to share with you all.  Our Section 9 inspection has cleared and we are moving forward to having our unit "Key Ready".  With this being said, this doesn't mean that we are moving in tomorrow or the day after, there is still so much work needed before we plan on scheduling a move date, opening date etc.  Finally the more exciting and interesting updates are coming!  

Did we mentioned that we also began brewing our test run of our West Coast IPA?!  We began brewing yesterday!  Made with malted barley, summit, chinook and citra hops!  We currently have the beer fermenting and will post updates to keep you in the know! 

*This beer is a test run and not for public consumption.  We will have it tasted and tested by those who we trust and will then keep that recipe for ya'll to enjoy when we open.  Sorry :( but we do appreciate you joining us on this crazy and fun journey!!!

We thank you so much for joining us this week!!  See you all next week!