Good Bye 2018!  Hello 2019!!

Good Bye 2018! Hello 2019!!

New Year - New Goals!
This year without a doubt has been one of the toughest years we have ever experienced.  There is no question that every year has it's challenges but 2018 really tested us as a family and a team.  Almost 7 months ago we signed a lease for a 3,000 sq. ft. space in Canton Mass.  For those of you who don't know us very well, we have been an online store and a pop up shop for 3 years selling coffee.  We began selling cold brew out of our jeep at CrossFit competitions and then slowly grew as a business selling and shipping bottles all over New England.  Soon after our bottling program became a success we began kegging our coffee and finding local shops to carry our nitro cold brew coffee and teas in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  There is no question that this has been quite the ride and we are excited to finally have our dreams come true by opening up a coffee bar and nano brewery!  Hard work has been paying off!  
We never thought the day would come that we could be brewing beer as well.  We had always loved the science behind brewing cold brew and appreciating the process of difference pour over methods of hot coffee but began falling in love quickly with how beer is brewed.  
Dreams do come true, and it's a new year!   We dare you to take risks, open up that gym you have always dreamt of, take that trip over seas that you've been putting off for so many years,  join that book or movie club you've seen flyers for at your bus stop, visit a the animal shelter that's up the street, quit that job you've hated for so long or volunteer!  This New Year's we want to take more risks, jot down new goals, crush those goals and repeat!  Who would have thought that a para legal and a sales rep working at cubicles would one day be opening a brewery and coffee bar?  Anything is possible people!  ANYTHING!  GO GET IT!
**Brew News**
We are happy to announce that we have completed our West Coast IPA.  This aromatic brew was made with Chinook and Citra hops.  It's flavorful, full bodied and smooth.  Amanda and I are proud of the final results!  We know IPA's are extremely popular right now in the North East and we wanted to avoid creating another juice bomb, like we did this summer with our double IPA.  We decided on using different grains to determine the color of this brew, a complete change in hops than our last recipe, maintaining a different temperature than our previous beer during fermentation and carbonating this hop goddess with a different PSI than our very first IPA.  We can't wait to test taste this bad ass beer this New Years!  Up next..... Pilsner!  We decided that a bullet proof pilsner recipe would be key to our brewery.  In our opinion pilsners are great for those who are beginning to enjoy and learn about beer without overwhelming the pallet.  It's lighter in alcohol, light bodied, crisp and refreshing.  A beer that if made perfectly, served extra icy cold, can be enjoyed by beer connoisseurs and those newly getting into beer!
We visited the new space this past Saturday.  The new lights have been installed, the new heaters and cooling systems are done, the wiring is ready for completion for our electrical outlets and insulation has arrived.  We are so close and so ready to move in!  Although the coffee bar and brewery may be "Key Turn" ready for us very soon, there is so much more work that has to be done before we can begin brewing our cold brew and beer.  Equipment hasn't been ordered yet, we have final plumbing that has to be installed, inspected and written off, decor, tap and line installation, brew house set ups, etc.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for an early spring "soft opening".  That is what we are aiming for.  More news to come when we get more and more updates!  
*** Attention All Foodies ***
Like many of you, we LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE food.  We can't lie though that we seem to find ourselves visiting some of the same places more often than we like to admit.  Heck!  I guess to the point where owners, bartenders and servers begin to know us on a first name basis or know what we're going to order! hahaha!  Ok, when that starts happening it's time to break that habit and try something new!  We are saying this because we need to try some new places too!  Now, here is a list of some of our favorite food joints that you can try and while you go down this list we will be doing some of our own home work and finding some new places for us to visit!
In and Out!  Fresh and quality food that you can order and get fast, fresh made to go or to sit and eat.
1.  Saloniki Greek!  Here are their locations!
2.  Monica's (North End)  In our opinion has the best Italian subs.  Check it out!
3.  Pho Hoa (Dorchester)  We are suckers for noodles!   Visit these guys and their coffee lab!
Sit Down
1.  The Gallows.  Poutine lovers this is a must.  Cool area in South End.
2.  Casa Romero.  Guys this list wouldn't be complete without awesome Mexican food.  Super cool hidden location in Backbay.
3.  Area 4.  We have pizza once a week and we never get sick of it when it's this good from these dudes!
Rhode Island
1.  Ogie's Trailer Park.  If you haven't heard of this place, then we can't be friends with you.  Hip vibe and great comfort food!
2.  Blackies Bulldog Tavern.  So good and there is something for everyone!  Chef Angie is a genius.  
3.  Providence Donuts.  We aren't saying this because Paul (owner) is our good friend.  These artisanal donuts are mind blowing.  Careful highly addictive.  You've been warned!
As much as we'd love to get into New Hampshire and Maine, we think there is enough here for you guys to get started!
Photo Cred:  Meg Ellery
****The New Year Always Brings New Fitness Goals****
Pretty funny, saw what I did there right? I got you guys all hungry and now I am jumping straight into fitness.  The holidays can be rough, we tend to over indulge in all sorts of naughtiness. New years always brings the "time for a new me" mentality as soon as it's January 1st.  We get it, we are parents, we work hard, we like to relax and put back a few brewskies on the weekends, enjoy a pizza pie every now and then! hahaha.  Many of us get off track, so here is a promise to you guys that we'd like to make!  We would love to join you folks in your journey of getting fitter or getting BACK into shape.  With that being said tag us on your instagram story, IG posts or on FB of your work out of the day!  Whether it's a hike in the woods, walking your dog on the beach, lifting, biking or aerobics share with us your work out!  We will hold ourselves accountable by performing ten burpees per post!  Hell you guys can even join in on the fun do them with us!  I know I NEED IT!  Slowly I have perfected this dad bod and it's probably time I shed a few EL BEES (POUNDS)! hahaha!  
Now that we are talking about NYR (New year resolutions) we want you to hear it first from our team at Church St.  This is a time where many folks join your local CrossFit gym or Golds (whatever gym you go to).  These people are trying to better themselves, they're getting out of their comfort zone by finally signing up and doing something about their health.  Homies, please don't be that person who videos or posts pics discretely of someone who is out of shape or using the equipment the wrong way.  It's not cool and it's mean!  Joking about someone where millions can see is unfair and cruel and what you should doing is the following instead:  Smile at the new members at your gym when you walk by them, high five them after a work out, encourage them to come back ( "see you next week?"), show them what they are doing wrong and help them do it right.  Social media has really made it tough for people to want to sign up and sweat because of all the jokes or memes we now see.  This is just something we felt had to be said and we hope you guys can spread the positivity!  
We will see you guys next week and possibly you'll be seeing me doing a lot of burpees on the gram! hahahaha!  Follow the torture on IG @wanchope13 or @churchstcoffee.  
Peace, love and happiness!