Music Play List!  Denis weekly Top 10!  What Is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee and Why?!  Where we will be!

Music Play List! Denis weekly Top 10! What Is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee and Why?! Where we will be!

To us music means the world.  It's what keep us going, it helps us heal, focus or enjoy special memorable moments in our lives.  The reasons are limitless.  Today I found myself thinking about, what do our friends and customers listen to these days.  Like many of ya'll, I was born in the 80's.  Music has certainly changed through the decades but I can say that hanging out with my dad has taught me to appreciate all genres and eras of music.  
I wanted to share with you and hope to keep on sharing with you a weekly playlist!  This way we continue to promise a weekly news letter!  
Here is my personal top 10 of the week!
Hope you all enjoy!
1.  Nirvana, "Drain You" -Nevermind
2.  Bush,  "Comedown"  - Sixteen Stone
3.  The Rolling Stones, "Can't You Hear Me Knocking"
4.  Digable Planets, "Where I'm From"  - Reachin'
5.  KRS-One, "Rappaz R.N. Dainja"  - KRS-One
6.  Tycho,  "A Walk"  - Dive
7.  DJ Shadow,  "Building Steam With a Grain of Salt
8.  Rakim, "It's Been A Long Time"  -The 18th Letter
9.  A Tribe Called Quest, "Push It Along" - Peoples Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm.
10.  Phil Collins, "Sussudio"  -No Jacket Required
This list without a doubt is such a random selection.  It wasn't based on any emotions but what came to my head at the very second I began organizing my thoughts on this story.  
Nitro Cold Brew, What Is It and Why?!
Last Saturday we were at the 2019 Food and Wine Expo hosted by Craft Media Inc..   We were the only coffee providers at the event and I learned that nitro is still a mystery to many.  We had a wide range of questions, and the two that came up the most was why and what is nitro cold brew coffee.  
Nitrogen gas is colorless and odorless, when adding it to coffee you get a nitro brew.  It makes the texture of our delicious cold brew more foamy.  The nitro foam gives a perception of sweetness without anything being added to the bevy.  It tricks the tongue by hitting it at all places and bringing out more flavor.  
Our cold brew is very unique in the way that is steeped in cold water, filtered twice, and is estimated be roughly 34-35% more caffeinated that your average hot cup of coffee and a mind blowing 70% less acidic too!  Our cold brew alone without nitrogen gas is phenomenal but when we charge a keg with 100% pure nitrogen it creates a flavor explosion in your mouth that has you wanting more.  
What you want to see in a perfectly poured nitro cold brew:
  • A cascading effect moments after pouring.
  • Cream colored at first and slowly into a cold brew look.  Like a black and tan.
What to avoid:  
  • A shop that claims to have nitro and then pours it from a regular faucet.  Stout faucets allow pressure to build up during the pour so gas and liquid can further infuse while it's coming out the tap.  
  • Served flat, no cascade, straight black.  There can be two issues here.  1.  They are pouring with no gas, or they are serving you cold brew and charging you for nitro.
Ice or no ice.  There is no right or wrong here folks.  Typically people who have the idea of enjoying a nitro like a Guinness would ask for no ice.  In most cases than not, beer is usually consumed a big quicker than caffeinated beverages.  Not to say folks don't want to enjoy a nice cold brew coffee pumped with nitrogen.  Don't beat up your barista over it.  I usually tell our accounts to serve with ice because ideally we are getting coffee to begin drinking it at work, or to sip on on the ride home after the gym.  Don't be that guy or girl and claim that it's not done one way or another.  Simply accept that you may be charged more for no ice because it's more product.
The Band Is Getting Back Together
(Dividing and conquering)
This Saturday we will be slinging everything coffee in the North Shore.  Amanda (beer brewmaster, co-owner) will be promoting Babes Build Empires at the all ladies CrossFit competition at CrossFit Exclamation in Burlington MA.  I will be with some OG's!  Our dearest Aurora and Keelin will be around to help push out the massive amounts of coffee we will be serving to almost 400 people competing at this year's Cougars and Cradle Robbers at CrossFit Iron Spider in Salem MA.  Come swing by for a delicious specialty hot coffee or a smooth nitro cold brew!  Now that you guys all know what nitro is!!   REMEMBER, ALWAYS SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL AND SMALL BUSINESSES!