Well January Flew By.......

Well January Flew By.......

Well January has come and gone!  New Year's resolutions have been put into play.  The madness of the holidays have now quieted down and everyone is back to their daily routines.  

What a crazy time it's been for us at Church St. Brewing Co.  The goals we have set long term and short term.  We now have a little one that we are responsible for now.  As many of you know our newest addition to the Toomey fam, was born last December and what a joy fatherhood has been!  

With a newborn to watch over, the challenges of juggling work, down time, health (mental and physical) and social life, has been huge adjustment.  Behind the scenes we been at the drawing board, coming up with game plans for our brewery/coffee bar, improvements on pop-ups, equipment upgrades, etc.  Big changes are coming and we can't wait for everyone to see what we got going!  

Goals are huge to us, it's what keeps us super motivated!  The past couple of months we have had long conversations with entrepreneurs about marketing ideas, advertising advice, packaging improvements, etc.  These small things drive us and although we have little to show for that right now, when our space opens in Canton, we will have the proper space to be able to turn these ideas into reality.  

I guess the point I was hoping to make here, before I begin blabbing on too much, and losing my train of thought is that.....  Goals don't happen over night.  Keep your objectives simple.  Don't over think it.  Expect failure, get back up and make the necessary changes to succeed.  MOST importantly don't let anyone tell you that it's not possible.  Don't need people like that in your life putting you down.  Surround yourself with others who are as highly motivated as you are!  Ok, moving on to the next thing!



We are excited to announce that we will be returning to the MACC this April!  There have been some major changes to this event which some of you may not know!  CrossFit Games has recently made this amazing event a sanctioned CrossFit Games qualifier event.  The difference with this event compared to some others is that there is no freebies.  No invites to Games competitors, EVERYONE must go through an online qualifier, like the CrossFit Open.  The venue has also changed!  The Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge is now in the nations capital at the D.C. Armory!  560+ athletes competing in multiple divisions and categories (individual and teams), prediction 12k+ spectators over the weekend of April 13th-15th.  With roughly 200+ judges and volunteers.  Our team have always loved working with the MACC.  Wilson Pak and Luke Espe have been a pleasure to work with.  As event founders, coordinators, directors and co-owners of 12 Labours CrossFit, they run a tight ship and a smooth one as well.  It's a really fun event for us!  It's a lot of prep work and then chaos during the event.  For our crew the trip to Maryland is like a mini vacation!  Being part of a CrossFit qualifier means a great deal to us, it's a bigger stage where we can use this opportunity to meet amazing people, network, and get our name out there!  Last year we went through 12 kegs of nitro cold brew and 20 lbs of ground coffee.  We are hoping to double that this year!  We feel very blessed and grateful to be given the opportunity to experience things like this in our career!  Church St. Coffee is ready for round 3!

This Week's Top 10 Playlist

Chan Chan - Buena Vista Social Club

Don't You (Forget about me) - The Breakfast Club

Dancing In The Dark - Bruce Springsteen

Swedish Guns - The Radio Dept.

Gelato - Young Signorino

Pussy - Brazilian Girls

Nothing Better - The Postal Service

Trying To Find A Balance - Atmosphere 

A Real Hero - College & Electric Youth

Coast - Future Generations

Fun Brew!

On the brew front, we are participating in something very very fun!  Castle Island is hosting a Tri-Cup Home Brewers Competition!  We made the list and are pumped to be home brewing against 24 other teams!  The top 3 who make it, will have their beer featured on tap at Castle Island Brewing Company, Widow Maker and Night Shift!  We will be aiming to test out the Double IPA which we had this summer as our entry.  Made with Galaxy, Nelson and Amarillo hops.  This fruit bomb tested out at 9.8% ABV and was smooth!  We are keeping our fingers crossed.  Competition we expect will be fierce!!  I mean we are IN NEW ENGLAND and in New England, we KNOW BEER!  This is also really fun for us!  We do not have any high expectations but would be really honored if we made it to the top 3.  

New tap installment happening this week!  Proud to announce that we will be adding another CrossFit gym to the family.  As our accounts have slowed down on the food and bev account department, nitrogen cold brew coffee has been taking off at fitness facilities and offices.  Gyms have been offering it as part of their memberships, or as part of their retail store to generate revenue.  They are then keeping membership retention and supporting a small and local business. Keep an eye out on our Instagram on this new installment.  

 That's about it!  Thank you for reading!