What's On Tap!! 001

We are officially back to working on being more consistent with our blog posts!!  We thank you for taking the time to check this out!

Today What's On Tap, we will go over places to check out, a quick recap of the month and what's coming up!  We are aiming to do one every month!  Perfect way to start at the beginning of the year, so here we go!

We are pumped to announce that this year we are heading back to the Mid Atlantic Affiliate challenge.  This is a CrossFit competition that had over 600 athletes competing for two days in Columbia MD.  We had a bad ass team roll up last year and sold a boat load of coffee!  We are hearing rumors of more athletes competing this year and also an adaptive division of our beloved veterans.  This should be huge!!


This past weekend, we where selling coffee at two local MA CrossFit gyms!  These gyms hosted two great competitions.  We sold out at one event and almost sold out at the second location.   At one event we brought Kanes Donuts with us to amp up the hype that we truly support local and that we aim to always have the very best at our booth!

Check out our IG @churchstcoffee to see some pictures from this weekends events at CrossFit Iron Spider and CrossFit Neverdoubt.



Love beer?  We do too!!  We visited Trillium Brewery in Canton, MA.  This place has hands down some of the best IPA's in the world.  Nationally ranked in the top 5 in the nation!!  We go there because A, they are local, B, they have amazing beers on tap and you can buy cans to take home and C (the best part) it's DOG FRIENDLY!!!!  Go check out any of their locations!  We highly recommend it!

Lamp Light!  OMG!!!  WE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE!!  They brew their own beer!!! Which we tried all their hoppiest of hoppy beers!  They had a very homie feeling!!  Seating is tough but we managed to luck out and get a little stand up spot, seen above.  Staff was friendly and this place is located in Cambridge, MA.  We highly recommend you checking out this place, we also know they serve great cold brew coffee ;)  If you do go there please tag us on SM, letting us know that you went and checked it out!!  We would love to get your thoughts on this place. <3


Although, we are crushing the keg game, we would love to see some of our old friends back!!!  We offer 4 different cold brews on site!  Please check out our highly caffeinated and low acidic cold brew!  We ship all over the US and we ship FREE!!!!!!! on orders $40.00 or MORE!!!  With the temps going back up and spring around the corner, we hope that we can provide excellent cold brew that can be shipped right to your doorstep!!!  So be sure to visit us churchstcoffee.com!!

We love you guys and we are excited that this short blog is now going to be a once a month thing!!!  Please tag us on social media at places that you think should carry our cold brew.  Keep posting your pics of our cold brew and the swag that you folks have purchased from Church St. Coffee Co.

Thank you and hope you enjoyed reading this!!!!


Denis Toomey

Owner & Founder

Church St. Coffee Co.