Yoooo GOT Why You Gotta Do Us Like Dat?!

Yoooo GOT Why You Gotta Do Us Like Dat?!

Well!  What a crazy time to be alive!  Mueller Report, Boston sports teams crushing it, Stormy Daniels, dabbing, flossing, Avengers End Game ,and oh yeah......  Game of Thrones!!  

MILLIONS tuned in this past Sunday to watch the series finale to an already unpopular season.  Some felt it was a hurried hurried season, some say it was too slow of a build up.  We say, it is what it is.  We loved all the seasons until the very last.  Although it was entertaining, it was sad to see many of our favorite characters pass in battles or executions.  We also did feel that there was a lot missing from the build up.  We are no way by any means professional critics but we felt that this last season could have been just as good as the rest of the seasons if maybe the plot could have been built up more.  The ending was just lackluster and depressing.  Shows that we loved the show so much that are expectations were really high!

Agree with us or disagree.  What is certain is that we now must find some kick ass new shows!  Here is our top 10 shows to check out and binge to get over the GOT blues!

  • Barry (HBO)
  • The Night Of (HBO)
  • Russian Doll (Netflix)
  • The Wire (HBO)
  • Shameless (Showtime)
  • Stranger Things (Netflix)
  • Seinfeld (NBC)
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
  • Family Guy (Fox)
  • Friends (NBC)

Enjoy!  Plus if GOT has you really bummed out, you can always start all over again or read the books which we heard are much better!


Our Favorite Time Of Year!

We love the sunny skies and warm weather!  Businesses break out their outdoor seating and menus change!  This is a very special time of year in New England, whether you are by the sea or more inland!  Folks begin whipping out their fishing rods and rush out to their favorite spots, more boats fill up the slips at the harbors.

The smell in the air changes.  You can smell the flowers and the fresh cut grass.  The buds on the trees and flowers begin to bloom creating such a wonderful array of colors the signifies that summer is HERE!

The days are longer, the morning sunrise and afternoon sunset become more and more rewarding!  The birds are chirping and you can hear the bugs buzzing by.  This is "shred, tan, sandal, bikini, rosé, mimosa, Sunday Funday, beach" season!

As we visit cities all over New England during our deliveries we enjoy seeing folks walking their dogs, couples taking advantage of the longer days and taking walks, kids playing sports, new construction going up, and residents working on their lawns and gardens. 

We love this time of year.  Although it's peak cold brew season and we are working around the clock, we still take a moment to sit back and enjoy this season.  This is the time of year where we take more trips out to Salem MA, Boston, Providence, the Vineyard and parts of Maine.  

We are just as excited as you are to know that the freezing cold is finally gone (For a little while).  We encourage ya'll to take more walks, to visit more local businesses, to spend more time in the outdoors with your kids and pets.  We dare you to purchase a hammock and crush some books this summer.  We dare you to set up a fire pit to have guests over and share scary stories or laughs over a fire and smores.  We dare you to do a weekend get away to a new place you've never visited before.  

God, we love this time of year!  We hope you feel the same as we do when it comes to this amazing season!  

Shop Talk

As many of you know, summer is basically here.  The pressure really is on now for us to open ASAP.  We don't have an opening date.  We have stopped pressuring ourselves to open just because folks are anxious and excited for us to open up.  Family is priority number 1.  Saxon our 5 month old, requires a lot of our undivided attention during times we aren't working.  We just recently finalized things with our bank, which was A PAIN IN THE ASS.  Now we get why people say getting a small business loan is a nightmare.  We are still working on perfecting some of our beer recipes and will be hosting a pop up at our shop soon.  The pop up will be a free nitro cold brew give away and a meet and greet.  

We are still very proud of how far we have gotten.  The learning curve here is REAL but we are excited to know that maybe when we open a second location we will know how to do everything from start to finish much QUICKER!! 

We will keep everyone updates on progress as we move along with construction and equipment purchases.  In the mean time please visit our site and enjoy the discounted goods for our Memorial Day Weekend site SALE!