Why Buy From Church St. Coffee!

 Church St. is a small and locally owned business.  Denis Toomey has strong ties with a small family owned, coffee farm in Costa Rica and recently has partnered up with Patrick Maloney (Owner of Blue Fire Coffee Roasters) to build a stronger network and help one another out with expanding their businesses.  

When you shop from local and small businesses you are supporting those who really rely on your business to make a living.  It makes the buying experience very personal.  You most likely will shake the hand of the owner, get educated on the processes and hard work that is put behind creating the final product.  

We take pride in knowing when the coffee was picked from our coffee brokers, down to when the coffee was roasted, what country that it's from and which estate it's from.  We can tell you the flavors of the coffee when brewed and that alone is an art form.  Church St. loves to share that experience with you and for you to be able to enjoy that same feeling when you take one of our bagged coffee home or when you share a bottle of our cold brew with your friends and family.